Effects of plant

Effects and application

The rich content of medicinal agents of Euphorbia hirta explains the beneficial effect of the plant. Traditional medicine and scientific research prove the wide scope of healing effects.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The native people drink the infusion of the weed, or mix it into their food against inflammation of the urethra(urethritis), inflammation of the ovaries(oophoritis), prostatitis, inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis) and inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis). They put a compress of green leaves on their inflamed wounds, insect-bites and acnes with the milk-like fluid of the torn stem. Also scientific literature confirms the inflammatory effect of Euphorbia hirta. (e.g. Marie-Claire Lanthers and partners, Laboratoire Dolisos, 1990)

Antibacterial effect

African aboriginal people heal ulcers, venereal diseases, bloody diarrhea and skin infections with the infusion of the plant. Literature supporting the antibacterial effect: publication appeared in the periodical Fitotherapy in which AO AJAO proves with scientific tests in 1984 the antibacterial effect of Euphorbia hirta.

Painkilling effect

Native people put a compress covered by the green leaves of the plant on painful articulations, burn injuries, chapped skin and sole and drink its infusion to heal abdominal pains. Scientific researches prove the painkilling and antispasmodic effect of Euphorbia hirta as described by prof. Jean Marie Pelt in the periodical La Lettre in 1974.

Antiviral effect

In traditional medicine compress of the plant’s green leaves is put on viral herpes and herpes zoster, influenza and other infections are cured with the infusion of the plant. Scientist Yeffrey, J. Aresés and partners recommend the infusion of Euphorbia hirta against respiratory complaints, asthma, Gastrointestinal Disorders, nausea and diarrhea. Beneficial antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogen effects are described in www.vshiva.org/naturefacts/euphorb.html

Tumor reduction effect

In case of polyps of the intestines and tumors the traditional medicine recommends Euphorbia hirta and the drinking of the infusion of 6-8 g plant per day. Also the soaked plant should be eaten. Literature and effect study: Mei Fen Shih and partners – Taiwan 2012 https://www.intochopen.com/

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