1.     Operator information

Company name:                          TAMAG Nagy- és Kiskereskedelmi Betéti Társaság (TAMAG
and Retail Commercial Limited Partnership)
Headquarters:                               Küküllői utca 10., Vecsés, H-2220 (Hungary)
Tax number:                                  20028448-2-13
Business Registration No.:         13-06-047790
Registrar of Companies:   Registrar of Companies in Pest Department E-mail address:
Telephone:                    +36 (29) 357 342 Language of the document.:      Hungarian
2.     Range of products and services availables for purchase
Range of products and services sold by the Company:
–      products and substances that do not qualify as drugs
–      cosmetic products
–      nutritional supplements
The items presented in the webshop can be ordered exclusively on-line and can be delivered in
accordance with the ‘Payment and shipping options’.

The prices displayed on the product pages include the VAT of 27% as prescribed by the law, but they
do not include the shipping fees.
3.     Order information

In order to make a purchase, it is required to establish an account on the Site. The personal
information provided by the user during the registration procedure is managed in accordance with
the Privacy Policy. By the act of creating an account, the consumer agrees to present General Terms
and Conditions and understands the fact that upon purchasing, a contract is being established
between the consumer and the Company in coherence with the legistlation on distance contracts.
Furthermore, by the act of registration, the consumer also agrees with the Terms and Conditions of
the courier service company, assigned with the shipping.
4.     Order handling
Orders are handled between 9.00a.m and 5.00p.m on working days. Orders can be placed at any time,
but those arriving beyond these working hours will be handled only on the next workday.

After the consumer placed his order, he will receive an automatically generated confirmation by e-
mail to the address attribued to his account.

5.     Order placement

Orders can be placed with shipping – at the moment – only to the following countries: Hungary,
Great-Britain (England?), Romania, France, Germany, Bulgaria.

If you wish to place an order to be shipped to any other country apart from the ones listed above,
please make your order by e-mail or by phone.

5.1. You can place the selected item on your shopping list by clicking on the ‘Shopping Cart’
button. You can place more items into your virtual Shopping Cart in one single shopping procedure.
When you are finished with your shopping, you can list your items by clicking on the ‘Shopping
Cart’ or on the ‘Checkout’ button. At this point, you can still modify your order by changing the
quantity of any ordered item, or cancel some or all of them. Then, by clicking on the ‘Next’
button, the system asks for the personal data regarding the consumer. The personal information
provided by the consumer during the procedure of the purchase is managed in accordance with the
Privacy Policy.

5.2. We kindly ask you to provide accurate, true, complete and current information about yourself
as prompted by the Site, because in the lack of these, your order cannot be carried through. If you
provide any inaccurate, false, incomplete or unintelligible information, we consider your order
cancelled and as such, we are not liable for any loss or damage related to the order or the
shipping resulting from your failure to comply with this section.

5.3. Following the act of clicking on the button ‘Submit order’, the consumer will receive an order
confirmation by e-mail within the next 24 hours to the address previously submitted, containing the
purchased items and their prices.

If you provide any inaccurate, false, incomplete or unintelligible information or we in our sole
discretion suspect that such information is inaccurate, false, incomplete or unintelligible, we
reserve the right to cancel the data in question as well as all orders placed using them.

An order is considered invalid if it exceeds the maximum shipping weight, or an ordered item is out
of stock for the foreseable future or if an ordered item is purchased on a discounted price while
it is not on sale.

6.     Order and shipping options

Payment for the placed orders can be effectuated exclusively on-line, by card or via PayPal.

The shipping is provided by our affiliated partner, DPD Hungária Ltd., in accordance with its own
Terms and Conditions.

The bill and the letter of guarantee is included in the package. We kindly ask you to check your
package upon its arrival, before confirming its reception. If you notice any damage on the
products, please demand that a report shall be drawn up and do not sign the package’s receipt.
Ex-post complaints, submitted without a report are going to be refused!

If the shipping is impossible due to an error made by the consumer, that is, the consumer cannot be
found on the provided address and phone number or if he refuses receiving the package, the fees
related to the return of the package will be charged legally on the consumer.

7.     General conditions of guarantee

With regard to the Supplier’s liability of the warranty and the guaranty for the goods
commercialised by them, the provisions of the Government Decree No 117/1999. (II.5.) and of the
Civil Code apply.

8.     Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the Government Decree No 117/1999. (II.5.) on distance contracts, the consumer
has the right to return goods to the supplier within a period of eight working days of receipt and
to cancel the contract within that period without obligation of justification.

Following the return of an item, our Company will refund the price of the product to the consumer
as soon as possible, but at the latest, sometime within the next 30 days, after having deduced the
justifiable costs related to the return process of it, which the consumer has to be charged with.

If you decide to return an item, please understand that we will not accept returned packages if
they are postaged! In this case, we will always return the package to the Sender.

Policy regarding the right of withdrawal

If you decide to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can notify us about your decision in
writing or by phone call using any of our indicated contact options. In case of written
notification sent by post, we consider the date of posting as starting date of the procedure. In
case of notification by phone, we consider the date of the phone call as starting date of the
procedure. If you choose to notify us by postal letter, please think of posting it as a registered
mail, in order to be able to prove the date of the posting.

You must return your purchased item by post or by courrier service to the address of our Company.
It is important to know that the costs related to the return of the product shall be borne by the
consumer. If the product is returned as a postaged package, we will not accept it!

Please pay special attention to the proper use of the products, because any damage resulted from
their misuse will be charged on you.

Upon arrival of the returned package to our Company, the process of the returned item’s opening and
checking will be videorecorded. It is necessary in order to avoid any ulterior misunderstanding.
(Especially if the returned item is damaged or incomplete, for exemple.)

Following the return of an item, our Company will refund the price of the product to the consumer
as soon as possible, but at the latest, sometime within the next 30 days, after having deduced the
justifiable costs related to the return process of it, which the consumer has to be charged with.
9.     Privacy policy

Personal information will be saved and treated confidentially; it will not be passed on to third
parties, with the exception of the case when it is absolutely necessary for the delivery of your

With the submit of their order, the consumers agree with their personal information being passed on
to DPD Hungária Ltd. (the courrier service company).

We may collect personal information that you provide us while you use our website (IP address,
duration of your visit etc.), for statistical purposes. This information is only disclosed to
authorities and only in legally reasoned and duly justified cases.

In order to access our services, you may need to allow the use of cookies. You have the ability to
accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, if you disable cookies, some
functionalities of our service may not work properly or not work at all.

A cookie is a file sent by the server to the user’s terminal, stored on the latter. The cookie does
not save personal information.

The data saved during the order process is used by TAMAG Limited Partnership for completing orders.
The data on the produced bill about the orders submitted via the website of the webshop is saved
and kept with the information provided at the order process for a time period specified in the
current provisions of the Act on accountancy.

Personal information collected at the newsletter subscription offered on the website will be saved
and treated confidentially by TAMAG Limited Partnership. The possibility for unsubscribing is
assured at the bottom of each published newsletter as well as it can be initiated via any other
contact option available on the site.

With regard to the treatment of the consumer’s personal information, the Service Provider always
applies the respective provisions of the Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and
the Publicity of Information of Public Interest.

You have the ability to modify or to delete your personal information from the website through your
user profile at any moment, or you can ask it in writing by an e-mail sent to the address
10.   Miscellaneous provisions

By surfing and purchasing on this webshop site, you declare yourself to be aware about the
technical and technological limits of the Internet and you accept the possibility of any error
related to this technology.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Service Provider from and against all losses,
expenses, costs and damages resulting from your use of or contact on the Site. You are solely
responsible for the protection of your computer and of any data stored on it.

You acknowledge that all materials on the Site of TAMAG Limited Partnership (;, including the Site’s design, text, graphics, sounds, pictures,  software,
information and description concerning our Company, and other files as well as the selection and
arrangement thereof, (collectively, “Materials”), are the sole property of TAMAG Limited
Partnership and are subject to and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and
rights  and may not be copied or otherwise used, in whole or in part without the prior written
authorization of the owner of these rights. Consequently, any unauthorised use of any Materials
belonging to the owner of this site is considered an infringement or our intellectual property
rights and will be legally pursued as such.

Displaying or running the sites or or any information or material
displayed on  these  sites  in  frames or  through  similar  means  like  they  would appear  as
parts  of

another website is prohibited. Otherwise, any placement of links pointing to our website meets our
prior consent.

TAMAG Limited Partnership is within its right to legally pursue any person who commits or tries to
commit fraud. TAMAG Limited Partnership is not held responsible for any fraud committed against any
of its website users by a third party.

The terms of use contained in this Agreement may change periodically and may be revised at any time
and from time to time in sole discretion of TAMAG Limited Partnership by updating this posting. Any
changes shall enter into force in the moment of its publication on this website.

The mutual promise by the Contracting Parties is to arbitrate any and all disputes, and to do so on
an individual basis, rather than to litigate before the courts or other bodies, provides the mutual
consideration for this agreement to arbitrate. If a private agreement is not possible in a
controversy, claim or dispute, Contracting Parties agree to subject themselves under the exclusive
jurisdiction of the Municipal Court of Monor.

With regard to the points not mentionned in present General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of
the Civil Code, of the Government Decree No 117/1999. (II.5.) on distance contracts and of the Act
CVIII of 2001 on the electronic commercial services and other services related to the Information
society apply.

By the use of this website, as well as by the placement of orders, you agree to the General Terms
and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of TAMAG Limited Partnership.
Made on the 20th  June 2015 in Vecsés (Hungary)


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