Eszter Tamás: In Africa it turned out of my illness that I had a tumor of the size of a woman’s fist in the ovary, which had painful side-effects during growth but after the use of Euphorbia hirta it began to necrose. After 4 years doctors removed the tumor necrotized a long time before.

2 and a half year old boy had two cerebral tumors of the size of two hen’s egg. He could not even sit. After 2 weeks of treatment he sit up and developed normally.

11-year-old young man with cancer of the testicle – he could not be operated already. He entirely recovered.

The menstruation spasms of 16-year-old girl ceased.

The myoma (of the size of a baby’s head) of 28-year-old young woman encapsulated and necrotized. It was removed by surgery. Her ovary remained and she gave birth to a child later on.

29-year-old woman had a chronic herpes of the nose. She was treated by the extract of the plant and all her complaints ceased.

30-year-old woman: cold-allergy healed.

60-year-old man: prostate encapsulated and after removal he lives further on free of troubles.

65-year-old man: intestinal polyps disappeared.

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